Incorporating new audit rules into existing rule set

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Incorporating new audit rules into existing rule set

Postby sethhickel » Mon Jul 10, 2006 7:44 am

I'm wondering how others handle incorporating new audit rules into an existing rule set. We review each audit rule, setting its severity and notating the date in the comments. We then lock this set and that set is distributed to my users.

When a new version is released I would like to take advantage of new audit rules but can not afford the expense of gathering my team to review an entire new set of rules. It also is not efficient for me to compare each rule and set its level and etc from my existing rule set with the new audit rule set. I don't think the "Highlight audit rules modified after option" helps me because it highlights my existing rule set and really does not help me incorporate new audit rules into an existing rule set. it appears to still require me to do a manual review of my old set and compare it with the new and then change the new to mirror my old. Am I missing something?

Any suggestions from other users?
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Postby Brian Wilkerson » Tue Jul 11, 2006 6:00 am

If you install a newer version of CodePro into an existing Eclipse workspace that already has your audit rule set loaded, CodePro will automatically add all new audit rules, but will leave them all disabled so that the behavior of the rule set will not change without your explicitly changing it. Changed audit rules are similarly updated automatically and care is taken to preserve the existing semantics (we only ever add configuration options, we never replace one set of options with another).

Similarly, if your install CodePro into an Eclipse workspace that does *not* have your audit rule set loaded in it, then load the audit rule set after the fact, it will automatically be updated.
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