How to exclude certain files

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How to exclude certain files

Postby robinbak » Thu Dec 16, 2010 3:06 am

Is it possible to exclude certain classes and or packages from CodePro Audit?
For example, I don't care so much if junit test code has problems nor generated code like axis, jaxb etc
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Re: How to exclude certain files

Postby Brian Wilkerson » Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:10 am

Is it possible to exclude certain classes and or packages from CodePro Audit?

Yes, there are two ways. If you want to control which files get audited within your workspace, you can specify that information in the Preferences dialog (although the process is less than obvious). Open the Preferences dialog to the CodePro > Audit preference page. Select the Dynamic Auditing tab. Select the check box labeled "Dynamically audit code" in order to enable the controls below it. After doing this you can add Ant-style patterns to the inclusion and exclusion lists (you probably only need to add them to the exclusion list to get the effect you want). When that's done, you can uncheck the "Dynamically audit code" check box and check the check box at the bottom of the page labeled "Use the same exclusion patterns for manual audit". Any time you use either the Audit Code or Audit Code Using... menu items to audit code these exclusion patterns will be used to limit which resources are audited.

If you want the specification of which files get audited to be shared, you can do that by specifying project defaults, as described in the documentation: ... aults.html.
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