ui.mouseMove is NOT working correctly

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ui.mouseMove is NOT working correctly

Postby keico » Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:25 pm

I'm having an issue with the mouseMove function. I have a swing app that embeds a 3D-World map within it. I have named this single map component as "WorldMap3D" and the WindowTester tool was able to locate this component once the test runs. However, when I try moving the mouse to different coordinates on this map component by doing this in test code:
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for (int k = 1; k<10; k++) {
        ui.click(new NamedWidgetLocator("Go")); // "Go" is a name of a JButton that lives outside the map component.
        ui.mouseMove(new XYLocator(new NamedWidgetLocator("WorldMap3D"), k, k));       

The mouse seems to move back and forth between the button and the same point on the map although each time looping the coordinates are changing. Is there a way to simulate a mouse move from one point to another within the same component (my 3D-World map in this case)?
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