ui.enterText doesn’t fill text into the textbox anymore

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ui.enterText doesn’t fill text into the textbox anymore

Postby hyshyshys » Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:33 am


One of our development station cannot insert text into a textbox using ui.enterText anymore. The instruction ui.enterText pass without a fail but the text has not been inserted.

We are currently using the version 6.0.0.r36 for eclipse 3.6.1 and version 6.0.0.r34 for eclipse 3.4.0

We are starting our tests from eclipse as a JUnit Plug-in Test and from an external execution.

The same things happen on both eclipse 3.4.0 and eclipse 3.6.1.

The test suites, on the same machine, have been working many times with eclipse 3.4.0. All the tests are working on others machine.

The following code has been use to ensure that the textbox has the focus before entering the text:

Code: Select all
IUIContext ui = getUI();
ui.contextClick(new SWTWidgetLocator(Tree.class, new ViewLocator(
ui.wait(new ShellShowingCondition("New Project"));
ui.click(new FilteredTreeItemLocator("APP Project"));
ui.click(new ButtonLocator("&Next >"));
ui.wait(new ShellShowingCondition("New APP Project"));

ui.assertThat(new LabeledTextLocator("&Project name:").hasFocus());
ui.assertThat(new LabeledTextLocator("&Project name:").hasText("HelloWorld"));
ui.click(new ButtonLocator("&Next >"));
ui.click(new ButtonLocator("&Finish"));
ui.wait(new ShellDisposedCondition("New APP Project"));

And now, this code is working because we have restarted the machine (WinXP sp3). This is not the first time that we have this type of incident on this computer.

Why we need to reboot the computer to make it work?
Do you know if there is a problem behind this?
What could be the cause?

Thanks for your support!

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Re: ui.enterText doesn’t fill text into the textbox anymore

Postby keertip » Wed Dec 08, 2010 2:57 pm

So after the reboot the test works fine? Interesting! We have not come across this issue before.
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