Regarding recording of custom application

WindowTester allows you to easily create and run unit tests for every GUI they build. It can also be used to generate system level tests.

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Regarding recording of custom application

Postby Praveen » Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:43 pm

I have installed Eclipse 3.4.2 and Window Tester Pro.I am able to record and run sample test cases provided for Addreess Book excample or Contact Manager excample.

I wanted to record GUI developed in my Application.I am using Pentaho based ETL tool.How should I record interaction on my application using Window Tester.

I have been through the documentation and some documents are saying about RCP (but I have observed that when I am selecting File->New->Project RCP option is not available there.

Can anybody please help me out here?
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Re: Regarding recording of custom application

Postby keertip » Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:44 am

In order to use WindowTester with your product, you should be able to launch your product in eclipse - using the eclipse run configuration.

If your product is an RCP application, follow the directions at ... p_app.html

to import the application into eclipse.

If your app is a java app, create a java project in eclipse, then add all the application jars to its path. Then in the run configuration specify the location for the main method.

Once you are able to launch your application in eclipse, then you can use WindowTester to record GUI interactions.
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