table tester - actionShowTableColumn

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table tester - actionShowTableColumn

Postby clausvp » Tue Nov 25, 2008 6:32 am


I made the following code to be able to test if a column was correctly sorted.

It worked fine for columns which where visible in the view, but when the column is not visible it comes with an error.

Then i found the function actionShowTableColumn on the tabletester. From the description it should do exactly what i was looking for, but when i execute the code, a line "offset to large(870)" is written in the console.

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      TableTester tt = new TableTester();
      TableColumn [] cols = tt.getColumns(table);

      int nofCols = cols.length;

      ItemTester it = new ItemTester();
      for (int x=0 ; x < nofCols ; x++) {
         String text = it.getText(cols[x]);

         if (text.equals(headerName)){
            tt.actionShowTableColumn(table, cols[x]);
            tt.actionClickTableColumnHeader(table, cols[x]);

Am i doing something wrong?
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Re: table tester - actionShowTableColumn

Postby Phil Quitslund » Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:28 pm

TableTester is a class provided by abbot. We parcel it up with our distribution for convenience. If you want to debug it, fetch the source from here: On the other hand, this sounds like something the WT runtime should be able to do. If you haven't yet, could you submit a feature request to:

Many thanks!
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