Unable to select second combo box in tableItem Locator

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Unable to select second combo box in tableItem Locator

Postby kkkarthick » Mon Apr 14, 2008 4:22 am

Could you plz help me, how to select second combo Item in the same table.

First comboItem is selecting successfully. but second one is not selecting.

here is the code i am using:

ui.click(new TableItemLocator("Sample")); //first table in the window

ui.click(new ColumnLocator(1, new TableItemLocator("parameter1"))); //first column of second table
ui.click(new CComboItemLocator("?")); //first comboItem in the second table that is 2nd column in the table. this is working fine

//selecting second combo item
ui.click(new ColumnLocator(1, new TableItemLocator("parameter1")));
ui.click(new CComboItemLocator("In")); //second comboItem in the table, that is 3rd column in the table.

1) //i tried so many ways. still not able to select the second combo box
ui.click(new ComboItemLocator("In",new ColumnLocator(1, new TableItemLocator(" ")))); //second combo Item contains " ", "In" and etc..

2.) ui.click(new ComboItemLocator("In",new SWTWidgetLocator(Combo.class,0,new SWTWidgetLocator(Group.class,"In/Out")))); // "In/Out" is the column header of the table.
//ui.click(new TableCellLocator(1,"In/Out")); //This also not working
ui.click(new CComboItemLocator("In"));

could you please help me this.
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Re: Unable to select second combo box in tableItem Locator

Postby alexfr » Tue Apr 15, 2008 12:52 am


I hope I understand what you mean: You should name the combo boxes and try this code:

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ui.click(new ComboItemLocator("In", new NamedWidgetLocator("name of the combo box")));

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Re: Unable to select second combo box in tableItem Locator

Postby Phil Quitslund » Tue Apr 15, 2008 10:10 am

Thanks Alex. That should work! (But let us know otherwise.... :( )
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