How to create an application for MacOSX, Linux, and Windows

Swing Designer allows you to quickly create the frames, panels, dialogs, applets and other UI elements that comprise Java Swing applications.

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How to create an application for MacOSX, Linux, and Windows

Postby smfuller » Fri Nov 25, 2005 7:48 pm

I was greatly disappointed to find that due to limitations in the Apple AWT Swing Designer does not work in Eclipse on MacOSX. I am developing an application to track mood in bipolar patients and want to offer it on at least Windows and MacOSX, and Linux too if feasible.

My first thought was to use Swing, since nothing extra is needed (aside from the JRE) to get the application to run on any of these platforms. My first thought was that using SWT would just add another distribution headache and support problem, since my audience would be psycholgists and psychiatrists and it is a fair bet that many of them are not tech savvy at all.

After wasting many months doing the GUI by hand I realized, if I ever wanted to get it to market I needed the proper tools. I found Swing Designer to be highly recommended and want to use it for the GUI design, since it supports creating event handler for fields as well as designing the screens, and it reads and writes Java code, not some intermediate format.

I already have several screens developed that I may be able to get Swing Designer to read.

It appears my options would be:
1. Develop with Swing Designer on another platform. I already have Linux running on my laptop and Windows on a couple of desktops, so this certainly feasible. The documentation says that Swing Designer generates Java/Swing code, so it sounds like I could run an application created with Swing Designer on MacOSX, just not design it there.
2. Switch to SWT Designer, which would mean throwing away the screens I do have and starting over. It sounds like this would allow me to develop on MacOSX though. Perhaps my fears about distribution problems with SWT are unfounded.

Any thoughts on which option would be most efficient, in terms of development time and ease of support would be appreciated.

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