Swing Designer v4.1.0 Released! - 3.1GA, Configurable Layout

Swing Designer allows you to quickly create the frames, panels, dialogs, applets and other UI elements that comprise Java Swing applications.

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Swing Designer v4.1.0 Released! - 3.1GA, Configurable Layout

Postby Eric Clayberg » Sun Jul 10, 2005 3:54 pm

Major new Swing Designer v4.1.0 release includes support for new dockable flyout palette & property panes, property filtering, automatic variable naming, improved NLS support, improved custom widget support, new wizards, Eclipse 3.1 GA support plus many other new features.

See the New & Noteworthy page.

:arrow: Support for Eclipse 3.1 GA

:arrow: New Dockable Flyout Palette & Property Editor
    Image . Image . Image
    - Dock the Property Editor & Palette to different sides of the design view
    - Palette & Property Editor may be easily collapsed and expanded
    - Palette & Property Editor available as separate views
:arrow: Added new Property Manager
    - Important properties are highlighted in bold and sorted to the top of the list
    - Hidden properties are removed from the property list
    - New preference page for configuring properties
:arrow: Automatically rename variables based on text property
    - Rename always, never or only for defaults
    - Specify renaming patterns using text, classname and acronym
    - New preference page for configuring variable names
:arrow: Enhanced NLS support
    Image . Image
    - Added flag icons for all locales
    - Support for ResourceBundle.getBundle("name").getString("key")
:arrow: Enhanced Swing support
    - Added icons for borders and an option to show them in control tree
    - Show position in title for BorderLayout, JScrollPane, JSplitPane
    - Improved support for custom Swing widgets and customizers
    - Added support for JGoodies Component Factory and widgets
    - Added JTable on JScrollPane palette entry
    - Enhanced support for SpringLayout
    - Enhanced support for JTable columns
    - Added tooltips for SpringLayout popup figures
:arrow: Editor & Property Pane enhancements
    - New toolbar options to evenly distribute controls
    - Keyboard navigation for menus
    - New Rename command to rename multiple widgets at once
    - New Set Layout command on the context menu
    - New Autosize widget command for null layout
    - New Change Style command on the context menu
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