Cannot Run/Debug Swing apps under Mac OS eclipse

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Cannot Run/Debug Swing apps under Mac OS eclipse

Postby trojanfoe » Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:36 pm

I am having a problem running or debugging a WindowBuilder Pro-generated Swing Application (one you'd get from New -> Class -> WindowBuilder -> Swing -> Application Window) under Eclipse on Mac OS 10.6.6. If I run it directly from the command line, then it works. When running/debugging under eclipse it creates the main window but generates the following error messages and stops:

Code: Select all
2011-02-04 20:45:18.425 java[3934:903] [Java CocoaComponent compatibility mode]: Enabled
2011-02-04 20:45:18.427 java[3934:903] [Java CocoaComponent compatibility mode]: Setting timeout for SWT to 0.100000
2011-02-04 20:45:19.190 java[3934:903] *** __NSAutoreleaseNoPool(): Object 0x1006262c0 of class __NSCFDate autoreleased with no pool in place - just leaking
2011-02-04 20:45:19.191 java[3934:903] *** __NSAutoreleaseNoPool(): Object 0x117819b00 of class NSCFTimer autoreleased with no pool in place - just leaking

From research elsewhere, it appears that the JVM option -XStartOnFirstThread is being passed in the launcher and this is causing the crash. Can anyone advise me what to do here please? Can I hack some file to remove the JVM option or am I missing something more fundamental?

I am using Eclipse 3.6.1.

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Cannot Run/Debug Swing apps under Mac OS eclipse

Postby Eric Clayberg » Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:08 pm

I have not seen any problems running/debugging Swing apps under OSX.

I would recommend posting general Swing questions to the Swing & AWT Forum or general Eclipse questions to the Eclipse Community Forums.

We would like to keep this forum focused on Swing Designer itself. Thank you.
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