Swing Designer v4.0.0 Released! - M6, JGoodies FormLayout

Swing Designer allows you to quickly create the frames, panels, dialogs, applets and other UI elements that comprise Java Swing applications.

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Swing Designer v4.0.0 Released! - M6, JGoodies FormLayout

Postby Eric Clayberg » Tue Apr 05, 2005 8:34 pm

Major new Swing Designer v4.0.0 release includes support for JGoodes FormLayout, SWT_AWT support, enhanced keyboard navigation, custom swing properties & editors, better custom widget support, code hiding, Eclipse 3.1 M6 support plus many other new features.

:arrow: Support for Eclipse 3.1 M6 & Eclipse 3.0.2

:arrow: Support for JGoodies FormLayout
    - Graphically manage columns and rows
    - Graphically manage cell alignment and column/row spanning
    - Graphically reorder and resize columns and rows
    - Automatically handle gap columns and rows
    - Intelligently convert existing layouts to JGFL
    - Support for different units like pixels and dialog units
    - Support for all predefined FormLayout types
    - Support for grouping and ungrouping columns
    - Color highlighting for grouped columns and rows
    - Floating layout assistant for cells, columns and rows
    - Intelligently merge and split columns and rows
:arrow: Support for the SWT_AWT bridge allowing SWT and Swing to be mixed
    - New SWT_AWT palette (requires SWT Designer)
    - Embed any Swing widget into an SWT or RCP window
:arrow: Enhanced Swing support
    - Support for custom Swing properties, editors and customizers
    - Support for instantiating custom JTable/JTree/JComboBox models
    - Added support for parsing and editing JTable columns
:arrow: Enhanced NLS support
    - Enhanced NLS support to allow selection of any messages class
    - Added ability to auto-externalize strings for newly added widgets
:arrow: Editor & Property Pane enhancements

:arrow: Code Parsing enhancements
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