Swing Designer v3.0.0 Released!

Swing Designer allows you to quickly create the frames, panels, dialogs, applets and other UI elements that comprise Java Swing applications.

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Swing Designer v3.0.0 Released!

Postby Eric Clayberg » Wed Dec 08, 2004 7:16 pm

Major new Swing Designer v3.0.0 release includes support for Swing Visual Inheritance, enhanced NLS tools, new code generation options, new layout assistants, new wizards, performance and speed enhancements, Eclipse 3.1 support plus many other new features.

:arrow: Support for Eclipse 3.1

:arrow: Support for Swing Visual Inheritance
    - Inherit from any JFrame, JDialog, JApplet or JPanel subclass
    - All inherited widgets are visible
    - Access inherited widgets exposed by public or protected accessors
:arrow: Enhanced support for custom Swing panels
    - Access subcomponents exposed via public accessors
    - Add new children to subcomponent containers
    - Automatically recognize custom bean properties
:arrow: Improved layout manager support
    - Improved null layout support
    - Improved Swing SpringLayout support
:arrow: Improved editor ergonomics
    - Added Replicate Width and Replicate Height commands
    - Enhanced visual feedback for null layout move and size operations
:arrow: New and improved code gen options, wizards and properties
    - New event handler code generation options
    - New wizards for Swing Applications
    - New support for JSpinner models (number, list and date)
    - New support for integer, boolean & String constants and fields
    - New support for externalized key editing
    - New support for JLabel.setLabelFor()
    - New support for "bounds" property under null layout
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