Swing Designer v2.1.0 Released!

Swing Designer allows you to quickly create the frames, panels, dialogs, applets and other UI elements that comprise Java Swing applications.

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Swing Designer v2.1.0 Released!

Postby Eric Clayberg » Thu Aug 19, 2004 6:07 pm

Major new release includes support for Swing SpringLayout, enhanced NLS tools, new code generation options, new layout assistants, new wizards, custom Swing look and feels, performance and speed enhancements, Eclipse 3.0 final release support plus many other new features.

:arrow: Support for Eclipse 3.0 final release

:arrow: Greatly enhanced NLS support
    - Editing widget text automatically updates .properties files
    - Support for multiple string extraction styles
:arrow: New support for custom Swing look and feels
    - Built-in support for Liquid, Kunststoff, and JGoodies LAFs
    - New Swing > Look and Feel preference page
:arrow: New and improved layout manager support
    - New support for Swing SpringLayout
    - Improved Swing GridBagLayout support
    - Improved support for Swing CardLayout
:arrow: Improved editor ergonomics
    - Added maximize/restore buttons to the properties and design panes
    - New option to place event properties on a separate tab
    - Optional Important Properties dialog, appears when adding a widget
:arrow: New and improved code gen options, wizards and properties
    - Improved support for importing VAJ/VE windows
    - Alignment toolbar support for Swing NullLayoutManager
    - Improved support for JPopupMenus
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