problem with an own PropertyEditor

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problem with an own PropertyEditor

Postby marcel » Sun Dec 07, 2008 6:17 am

I can not set the property value by text when i defined my own PropertyEditor on BeanInfo.

Picture 1.png
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My PropertEditor extends by PropertyEditorSupport and i overwrite getAsText, setAsText and getJavaInitializationString.

Code: Select all
   public String getAsText() {
      if (this.getValue() == null)
         return "";
      return ((OwnProperty) this.getValue()).getPropertyValue();


   public void setAsText(String text){
      this.setValue(new OwnProperty(text));

On NetBeans it works fine.

I attached an simple demo of my problem.
simple demo
(3.08 KiB) Downloaded 54 times

Can every one say me, whats wrong?

Thanks and regards,

I have the following setup:
Swing Designer 6.8.0
Eclipse 3.4.0
Java 1.6.0_10
Windows XP sp3
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Re: problem with an own PropertyEditor

Postby Eric Clayberg » Mon Dec 08, 2008 6:20 am

Please use the latest Swing Designer build.

Also, there are some questions about your license status.

Please send the serial number you are using and the associated name/account to
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