Building Favorites Projects for Eclipse 3.1.1

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Building Favorites Projects for Eclipse 3.1.1

Postby Kenneth Evans » Tue Nov 08, 2005 1:03 pm

First, it is an excellent book. However, it is based on a
complicated, single example. It is hard to follow when you cannot
build the example, as I cannot using Eclipse 3.1.1. It would be nice
to have instructions on how to make it work with 3.1.1 since that is
the current version. There is a lot 3.0.0 stuff hardcoded.

Nevertheless, I seem to have it working and the following is what I
did. I am posting this without trying it extensively, because if I
wait, it might never get done. Hope it helps. I am surprised no one
else has had problems.

1. Extracted the into a directory and imported
the com.qualityeclipse.favorites project.

2. Deleted everything on the Build Path except the JRE, then added
Plug-in Dependencies. It built with some Problems.

3. Fixed ambiguous Path in to use

4. Deleted lines in plugin.xml that had url and icon.

5. It then ran but the view said, "This Favorites binary is compiled
for 3.0.0 but being executed on 3.1.0" and didn't work. Fixed the
hard-coded test in to use 3, 1, 1. (Guess I
could have used 3, 1, 0.)

It then seems to work, but I have not tested it very much. (I need to
read the book and use the example to learn what to do ;-)

Kenneth Evans
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