2.5 Installing and Running the product

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2.5 Installing and Running the product

Postby dk63261 » Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:07 am

I apologize if this question has been asked and answered before, but after searching I found
nothing equivalent.

I'm new to Eclipse and to plug-ins and have been going through the book step by step
to replicate the creation of the qualityeclipse plugin. Everything was fine until section
2.5, when I tried to run and install the plugin. I followed the steps indicated in this section
and verified that the plugin's jar does indeed exist in my plugin's directory as:


However, when trying to display the view of the plugin in the view menu the QualityEclipse
group does not exist (as indicated on p. 93).
I tried various solutions, including:

1) Running clean:
Assuming the plugin configuration file had been cached, I added the '-clean' option to
the eclipse executable:

.../eclipse/eclipse.exe -clean

This did not help.

2) Run a 'run configuration'

Went to Run->Run configurations->Plug-in Tab->found my com.qualityeclipse.favorites_1.0.0.201103201121 in the list
and checked it->selected apply and run.

This did not help.

3) Clear the configuration:

Went to Run->Run configurations->Configuration Tab-> checked 'clear the configuration file before launching'->
selected apply and run.

This did not help.

Any help appreciated.

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