Is the topic covered?

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Is the topic covered?

Postby pluginrookie » Sat Dec 19, 2009 7:51 am


I need some help in deciding if I should buy the book. Is the topic covered how to manipulate contents of existing editors, e.g. if i want to add something to a source file as a comment right before the file is being saved? I don't want to write my own editor.

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Re: Is the topic covered?

Postby Eric Clayberg » Mon Dec 21, 2009 5:32 am

pluginrookie wrote:Is the topic covered how to manipulate contents of existing editors

Indirectly, yes. There is an entire chapter devoted to editors which should provide you with enough information to do just about anything editor-related. The exact details may very well on exactly what editor you want to manipulate, so reviewing the source code for the editor you are interested in would be recommended.
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