IPrefererenceStore and IPreferencesService?

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IPrefererenceStore and IPreferencesService?

Postby mat » Wed Nov 25, 2009 12:45 am


I am wondering what way of accessing the eclipse preferences is the correct way within an RCP application. In the 3rd edition of the book (page 123) getPluginPreferences is not recommended. Ok - this method is also marked as deprecated in the AbstractUIPlugin API (3.5). Instead in the book getPreferenceStore() is recommended.

But according to the API (org.eclipse.core.runtime.Plugin) the deprecated getPluginPreferences was replaced by the IEclipsePreferences and IPreferencesService Interfaces. No word about IPreferenceStore.

So, I'd like to know if is there anything bad about using getPreferenceStore()? I am a bit confused since in edition 2 of the quality plug-in book (on page 118) the IPreferenceStore interface is not recommended. And in the AbstractUIPlugin API this interface is called an "older JFace preference API". Is it foreseeable that this interface will be deprecated soon, too?

I really appreciate the eclipse plug-in books, but I am not sure if it already considers the 3.5 aspects of this topic in the 3rd edition.

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