Ch 2.5 - Is Installation Necessary?

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Ch 2.5 - Is Installation Necessary?

Postby imotic » Sun Oct 17, 2004 10:01 pm

In Section 2.5 (Installing and Running the Product), the book suggests to unzip and install the plugin. However, in my build of Eclipse, you can achieve (what looks like) the same thing by choosing "Run>Run As..>Run-time Workbench". Is this truly the same thing? I'm curious why the authors didn't present it this way. I can imagine perhaps because (a) you'll have to eventually install the plug-in so you might want to learn how now or (b) you'll need to install the plug-in to execute the test that comes later (is this true?) in the chapter or (c) perhaps this 'Run as Run-time Workbench" feature didn't exist at the time of writing.

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