Errata 3.2.1

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Errata 3.2.1

Postby Kieran Beltran » Sat May 16, 2009 5:31 pm

In section 3.2.1 Link files (page 111) the text recommends changes to a previously defined Ant file (see page 90) to support Link files, I believe the references to ${plugin.dir} (see below) should be replaced by ${plugin.jarname} to be consistent with the Ant file.

<property name="plugin.jar" location=
"${build.temp}/jars/plugins/${plugin.dir}.jar" />

with this (location must be on a single line):

<property name="plugin.jar" location=
eclipse/plugins/${plugin.dir}.jar" />

I apologize if this was captured on a previous post.
Kieran Beltran
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