propertyTester class not generated

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Postby Leon_Starr » Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:37 pm

Hi, I'm running into trouble after it says "click on the label to the left of the property field...." near the end of, p 226

When I do it, the Java new class wizard generates this:
package com.qualityeclipse.com.favorites;

public class FavoritesTester {

Not what the book predicts when it says "should look something like this:". I'm new to Java, but I am guessing that the superclass field in the wizard was supposed to have "org.eclipse.core.expressions.PropertyTester". Tried that by clicking on the Browse button next to the field, but it could not find this class. I have added org.eclipse.core.expressions in the dependency tab, but no luck. I'm sure I'm just missing something obvious. Help appreciated!
- Leon

(I did some further investigation and copied the source from the corresponding book compare code and I do get a java error saying that the org.eclipse.core.expressions.PropertyTester class cannot be resolved. But org...expressions is in the dependency tab! Confused.

Ah, I added it to my build path and the class can be resolved now. Did I miss something in the book, or was I just supposed to know to do this?
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