the ample download observations

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the ample download observations

Postby tkubaska » Wed Feb 25, 2009 3:55 pm

You know, I can get the samples from the update site , but I don't see my eclipse showing the screens as described in the instructions. I have 3.5M5 and Ubuntu Linux Hardy Heron.

The instructions say
# Select Help > Software Updates… to open the Update Manager
# Select the Available Software tab in the updates dialog

I have no "Available Software" tab. If I go to Windows->Preferences and choose General/Capabilities and check "Classic Update," I see "Software Updates." Without this "Classic Update", "Software Updates" does not appear. Now when it appears, there is no "Available Software" tab.

So what do I do? I do Help->Software Updates->Find and Install and choose "Search for New Features to Install". Click Next. Click New Remote Site and paste in the URL for your update site ... namely ... pdate/3.5/ And then it works. If instead of "Find and Install" I chose "Manage Configuration..." I still see no Available Software tab.

The other possibility is to do Help->Install New Software but then my connection usually times out. I get a screen that says "Contacting Software Sites," a percentage completion in the lower right and after about 30 minutes I lose the connection. (I do have DSL broadband). When it does come up (less than half of the time), I do see an "Available Software SItes" link, not a tab, though. If I click on that, I get an "Available Software Sites" screen with an Add button. If I click on the Add button, I can add an update site (Ithink). I don't update this way because connection takes too long and is too problematical.
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Re: the ample download observations

Postby Eric Clayberg » Wed Feb 25, 2009 7:16 pm

The book and the intructions are for Eclipse 3.4, so I would suggest using that version.

The folks like to experiment with the plugin install process and they have changed the process quite a bit in 3.5M5 (just as 3.4 was completely different from 3.3).

If you want to use 3.5M5, you should follow the instructions in the 3.5M5 release notes (New & Noteworthy) for how to use update sites.
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