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downtime for our site

Postby mody.fci » Fri May 14, 2010 1:24 pm

We are using GWT application for very large system, we hope to find a
solution as soon as possible.

Below is the description of our system work flow and our problem

Languages used:
EJB 3, Java, GWT(google web toolkit)

Application Contents:
EJB Ear File, GUI Ear File, a client to connect between EJB and GUI

How it works?:
- The application is consists of EJB Ear and GUI Ear, each of them are
running on different instance
- The GUI Application is made up of GWT(google web toolkit)
- The GUI Application consists of also an RMI Client Jar to call the
EJB Application
- The EJB Application is made up of EJB 3.

The Problem:
- Sometimes when the user wants to make login, The GUI tier get the
call and passes it to the client tier
described above and hang without any action to go to response page, or
either to the invalid login page.

- On looking to the logs of GUI tier and EJB tier, we found that there
are some output found from the GUI
to the GUI log, and nothing displayed in the EJB Log file

Some trials to detect what is the problem?:
- We were doubt that the client between the EJB Applcaition and GUI
Application hangs or something happened,
So we try to make a special page inside GUI Application which process
is only to initialize the context of EJB,
it initialize the application ,but the application doesn't work.
- We try also to make another application on another instance, all it
have is one page that calls a method in
the client that calls EJB Function, it returns successful response and
returns the output of the function.
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Re: downtime for our site

Postby Eric Clayberg » Fri May 14, 2010 2:10 pm

I have no idea why you are asking this question in this forum.

This forum is for questions concerning the Instantiations corporate web site.

This is not a support forum for EJB3, Java or GWT.
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