Creating plug-ins for Desginer

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Creating plug-ins for Desginer

Postby flangel » Fri Jul 02, 2004 8:13 am


Designer is a plug-in for Eclipse. As a newbie to Designer/Eclipse, allow the following - dump - question:

Is it possible to write my own plug-ins for Designer ? For instance, i would like to enhance Designer with the following functionality:

1. I have a special purposes database that is accessed using Java API, not JDBC or JDO

2. I would like to write my own plug-in for Designer that allows me to browse the data objects in this special database and grahically wire fields/arrays from the data objects to jtextfields, dropdownlists, jtables etc.

Therefore, i might need to extend Designer in some way and would like to know if and how this would be possible.

Any feedback would be highly appreciated!
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Postby admin » Fri Jul 02, 2004 9:34 am

1. This is wrong forum for your question, this forum is for site-related question, i.e. if you don't see it correctly in your pefrred browser, etc.

2. Designer is in general just tool that assists you in writing Java code. For SWT or Swing - no matter, it just reads code and writes code when user manipulates components on canvas.

3. So, you want to "wire" your data objects to Swing controls. But what code do you want to produce, can you give example? In theory we could provide you extension point that allows to add button on toolbar and receive for example list of controls. Your plugin could open your database and pass some Java code to add to Designer. But this is just in theory, so provide more info.
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