VA8.xx - Linux, DBString, UTF8, GUI - what is working ?

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VA8.xx - Linux, DBString, UTF8, GUI - what is working ?

Postby marten » Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:44 am

As perhaps some people have already noticed, that I played with the ICU library and wrote a small example to display all known locales in different languages.

What I noticed here is:

* Under Windows I can feed the ComboBox with instances of DBString and the content is shown.
* Under Linux only the first character of these instances of DBString is shown -> that means, that I have to feed the items attribute of ComboBoxes with instances of SBString (single byte strings) ...
* When I set single byte strings to the list of a ComboBox, the list was shown correctly (even e.g. with special dansk characters), BUT when I select such a special entry, the combo box was not able to show that entry, but stops at the first "special" character. This is the same behaviour, when using "special" characters in the source code of a Smalltalk method.

What does Instantiation do in this area ????????
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