Draw a rectangle with WindowBuilder

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Draw a rectangle with WindowBuilder

Postby bnemec » Wed Apr 20, 2011 9:57 am

We have a WindowBuilder view that allows navigation by 'Site Maps', images with configured callback 'hot points'. Users click on a part of an image and see either another image or a data view. Recently we've re-implemented the view in Seaside. A simple addition to the Seaside version was to use the CSS hover setting to show a red rectangle around the 'hot point' when the mouse is moved over it.

I'd like to add this same kind of rectangle feedback to the VA view. Right now all I have are a number of custom cursor shapes to show if the area under the mouse will trigger a navigation or data display. Having a red rectangle appear as well would be nice.

I have all the code in place to make widgets appear and disappear based on the mouse movement (a PointerMotionMask callback), but how do I create a widget that is only a coloured rectangle? I've tried CwFrame and CwLabel, but neither provide a transparent background and a coloured border.

Thanks for any advice,
Bob Nemec
Bob Nemec
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