Web Services and Sharepoint - possible new product

VA Smalltalk is a "100% VisualAge compatible" IDE that includes the original VisualAge technology and the popular VA Assist and WidgetKit add-ons.

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Web Services and Sharepoint - possible new product

Postby totallyobjects » Fri Nov 12, 2010 7:55 am

We have developed a VAST 8.0 interface to Sharepoint using Web Services. It uses all of Sharepoint's security and provides the following actions

Update a record
Insert a record
Delete a record
list contents of an area
download an individual record.

We are working on handling documents and images.

We have both a framework of ST interfaces and a visual interface (which works but isn't quite 'flash' enough for showtime).

What we are after is some idea as to whether anyone out there would be interested in this as a commercial project - either as an out of the box solution or as an integration project. We are in the UK but this has been developed with an overseas client so we are very capable of working on complex projects at a distance.

If anyone is inyterested in exploring this further please contact me at david@totallyobjects.com

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