ObjectMemory class in GlorpVAPort

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ObjectMemory class in GlorpVAPort

Postby g.cotelli » Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:46 pm

looking at the current Glorp support in VA 8.0.2 I noticed that in application GlorpVAPort there's a class "ObjectMemory" with no code.

The only references I found in the code are in: Dialect class>>garbageCollect (inside Visual Works/GNU St specific code):
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   Dialect isGNU ifTrue: [^ ObjectMemory globalGarbageCollect].
   Dialect isVisualWorks ifTrue: [^ ObjectMemory quickGC].
   Dialect isVisualAge ifTrue: [^ (self smalltalkAt: #System) globalGarbageCollect].
   Dialect isSqueak ifTrue: [^Smalltalk garbageCollect].
   Dialect isObjectStudio ifTrue: [^(self smalltalkAt: #System) garbageCollect].
   self error: 'not implemented yet'.
   ^ self

and there's also references to the symbol in "QA Code Coverage", "QA Code Metrics" and "QA Code Critic" applications but also applies to Visual Works code.

I'm having problems with some GemBuilder applications that uses "ObjectMemory" in configuration expressions as a way to detect that the image is for Visual Works.

I will change Dialect class>>garbageCollect to not reference directly ObjectMemory (just like System references in that ugly method), and remove ObjectMemory from the system. Maybe this change could be included in the base image to avoid further conflicts (a class like this and without behavior is IMHO useless).

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Re: ObjectMemory class in GlorpVAPort

Postby wembley » Thu Sep 09, 2010 11:59 am

Gabriel -

The GLORP port has some rough edges in its first VA Smalltalk release. For this case, your change is appropriate.

Niall Ross and I will be doing some work on GLORP at Camp Smalltalk this weekend in Barcelona -- the platform-specific code (such as the code you referenced) is high on the list of things to address.
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