Instantiations Java Business Acquired by Google

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Instantiations Java Business Acquired by Google

Postby wembley » Wed Aug 04, 2010 4:24 pm

I have exciting news to share about important developments here at Instantiations. Instantiations’ Java business has been acquired by Google! In brief, we have entered into an agreement with Google in which they have purchased our highly regarded Java products, technology, and business. Our VA Smalltalk business, products, personnel…and commitment…continue independent and uninterrupted, except that now the new Instantiations (yes, we kept the name) will focus exclusively on Smalltalk!

This may be the most significant news our VA Smalltalk™ community has experienced since Instantiations and IBM joined forces in 2005--a relationship that remains strong and unchanged as we move forward.

In the short run you will see little change in our Smalltalk activities. The same people will be in place doing the same good work; our offices in Raleigh and Portland will continue to function at full capacity; support and product development will proceed without interruption, and we are looking forward to our upcoming release of VA Smalltalk 8.0.3. We will continue to support the community by hosting and sponsoring events like our recent VA Smalltalk Forum Europe, Camp Smalltalk in London, ESUG and Smalltalk Solutions 2011.

Longer term our new financial resources will allow us to expand our Smalltalk staff and capability. We are committed to the continued technical evolution of the VA Smalltalk product line and to expanding its market and business success.

I will continue as President and CEO of the new Smalltalk-focused Instantiations. Founder Eric Clayberg will join Google, but will also continue as a Director/Board Member, technical advisor and major shareholder of Instantiations. John O’Keefe will assume an even stronger role guiding the technical development and advancement of VAST. Chuck Shawan will continue working with customers as our VP of Sales. Everyone on the technical team in Raleigh will stay in their current roles.

We will host two phone briefings to talk about the news and to give you and everyone who attends a chance to ask questions. The calls are scheduled to encourage worldwide participation (you may attend either conference regardless of your location). Immediately below is the schedule and far below is the dial-in info:

Conference Schedules:
North/South American Conference
Date/Time: August 5, 2010 at 1:00 PM PT, 4:00 PM ET, 5:00 PM Buenos Aires, 8:00 PM GMT

European Conference
Date/Time: August 6, 2010 at 1:00 PM GMT, 2:00 PM London, 3:00 PM Berlin, 6:00 AM PT, 9:00 AM ET, 10:00 AM Buenos Aires

John O' Keefe and I will both be attending ESUG in Barcelona this September. In addition to being a Platinum Sponsor, Instantiations will host a reception (Monday night) and we hope you can join us there to celebrate the continued success of Instantiations and VA Smalltalk.

All of us here appreciate your confidence in Instantiations and VA Smalltalk. We look forward to continuing and strengthening our partnership with you and your organization as we move into an exciting future together.

Best Regards,

Mike Taylor
Phone: +1 503 598 4911

Phone Conference Participant Dialing Instructions:
Conference Code for all callers: 935895#

Select a toll-free dial-in number for your country:

United States: 1.800.766.1337
ITFS - Argentina: 0800-666-0299
ITFS - Brazil: 0-800-891-7073
ITFS - Chile: 123 0020 9164
ITFS - Colombia: 01800-518-0926
ITFS - Denmark: 808 89 328
ITFS - France: 0800 917 564
ITFS - Germany: 0800 182 68 84
ITFS - Greece: 00-800-16122-056750
ITFS - Hong Kong: 800-967-639
ITFS - Indonesia: 001 80 30176750
ITFS - Italy: 800 788 957
ITFS - Japan: 005-311-60-807
ITFS - Mexico: 001-800-514-6750
ITFS - Netherlands: 0800 022 8479
ITFS - New Zealand: 0800 451 221
ITFS - Norway: 800 10041
ITFS - Panama: 00-800-226-6893
ITFS - Russia: 8108 002 745 1012
ITFS - Singapore: 800-101-2044
ITFS - South Korea: 0030-813-1933
ITFS - Spain: 900-94-7666
ITFS - Sweden: 0207-90954
ITFS - Switzerland: 0800 899 943
ITFS - Taiwan: 0080-11-27037
United Kingdom Freephone: 0808 101 0913
ITFS - Venezuela: 0-800-100-8409
If your country does not appear above, call:
Direct Dial Number: 1.404.920.6210
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