Outlook Attachments in VA

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Outlook Attachments in VA

Postby xabialonso2 » Mon Jun 14, 2010 7:13 pm

Can anybody tell me how to attach a file to an Outlook email.

The code below does not seem to work.

Thanks a lot

sendEmail:aWidget clientData: clientData callData: callData

| tAutoObj ow app anItem file fileObject attachmentObject|

file := (CwFileSelectionPrompter new
searchMask: nil;

attachmentObject := (OutlookAppWrapper current) createItem: 5.

ow :=OutlookMailItemWrapper createObject.

ow attachments: attachmentObject.
ow to: self getEmailAddress;subject:'This is a subject';hTMLBody: 'Hello - this is a test'.
(self subpartNamed: 'OLE Client1') parentView basicCreateWidget.
(self subpartNamed: 'OLE Client1') openWidget.
aWidget set:false.
ow display:0
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