VA Smalltalk V8.0.2 is now available

VA Smalltalk is a "100% VisualAge compatible" IDE that includes the original VisualAge technology and the popular VA Assist and WidgetKit add-ons.

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VA Smalltalk V8.0.2 is now available

Postby wembley » Thu May 27, 2010 3:41 am

VA Smalltalk™ v8.0.2: In Step with Seaside, New GLORP Support, SUnit Just-in-Time Resources and More

Instantiations is pleased to announce general availability of VA Smalltalk V8.0.2. Highlights of the new version include:

  • Support for Seaside 3.0 pre-beta1

  • All Windows® executables are digitally signed to enhance security and meet Windows Logo Certification requirements

  • GLORP support for reading and writing objects from relational databases (level 0.3.178 and fixes)

  • Further improvements to HTML documentation

  • Currency with respect to operating systems and databases; support added for Ubuntu 9 (32/64-bit) and Oracle 11g (compatibility)

  • Power management events supported on Windows GUI applications

  • Added support for method pragmas, allowing you to annotate methods with user-defined processing information

  • Ability to call Oracle functions and execute anonymous blocks

  • Instance-based exceptions are now polymorphic with class-based exceptions, providing clearer and more efficient handling of errors

  • SUnit 4.0, including support for Just-in-Time Resource Management, and other enhancements, supports creating powerful Smalltalk unit tests
Instantiations' goal is to provide the industry's most powerful and commercially viable Smalltalk development environment. We invite you to download the latest version of VA Smalltalk to see for yourself.

If you do not currently have a Support and Maintenance Agreement for VA Smalltalk and would like to learn more, or are interested in additional licenses, please contact your Account Manager at or call +1 503 598 4900 or +1 800 808 3737.

We are excited to offer this new release and look forward to your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.


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