Commandline parameters incorrectly handled on *nix

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Commandline parameters incorrectly handled on *nix

Postby koschate » Thu May 06, 2010 10:52 am

John, when you get your AIX environment working again, can you verify something in 8.0 for me? The default abt script in 7.5.2 ends like this:
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if [ "${0##*/}" = "abt" ]
   $VASTROOT_75/bin/es -mcd $IMAGE $*
   $VASTROOT_75/bin/es -no_break $IMAGE $*

Unfortunately, this has the effect of causing quoted command line arguments to be broken into individual arguments prior to being passed into VA. For example, "My Parameter" ends up being treated as two parameters, "My" and "Parameter".

The script should end in these lines:
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if [ "${0##*/}" = "abt" ]
   $VASTROOT_75/bin/es -mcd $IMAGE "$@"
   $VASTROOT_75/bin/es -no_break $IMAGE "$@"

which correctly pass on quoted parameters. I haven't checked, but this may also be an issue for other Unices as well.
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Re: Commandline parameters incorrectly handled on *nix

Postby wembley » Fri May 07, 2010 12:47 pm

Thomas -

Thanks for the information (and the fix). It is broken on Linux also. Your change works there too (Linux runs bash rather than Korn, so I wasn't positive the same change would work even though the 2 shells are fairly compatible). Case 46385 fixed for V8.0.2.
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