V8.0.2 Development Build B140 is no longer available

VA Smalltalk is a "100% VisualAge compatible" IDE that includes the original VisualAge technology and the popular VA Assist and WidgetKit add-ons.

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V8.0.2 Development Build B140 is no longer available

Postby wembley » Thu Apr 15, 2010 5:12 am

05/27/2010: Since VA Smalltalk V8.0.2 is now available, this development build is retracted.

As announced previously, we are making some of the VA Smalltalk development builds available to the community as a way for you to get an early look at what is coming in the next release. As a development build, this code has not undergone the same level of testing that a beta or production release would undergo. Therefore, you should use caution when upgrading your development environment to this level of code and you should be prepared to back off to the previous production level of code if you encounter issues.

The VA Smalltalk online documentation, updated to match this build, is available at http://www2.instantiations.com/VAST/Docs/802/index.html. Please pay particular attention to the Programmer's Reference and the Migration Guide since several changes have been made to better integrate Seaside into the product.

This is the last V8.0.2 development build we plan to make available.

Known problems

Problem: When loading the Platform Portability map, the GreaseVASTCoreApp is scratched because of several duplicate methods.
Workaround: Ignore the warnings -- the Platform Portability map is one fix level lower than the ENVY/Image Base map.

Problem: Some classes and methods previously in GreaseVASTCoreApp have been removed as they were no longer used by Seaside.
Workaround: Methods in GreaseVASTCoreApp in the grease-vast-preload category will be recategorized, moved, or deleted in a subsequest release -- avoid using them if possible.

Problem: Several Seaside SUnit tests fail.
Workaround: Ignore the failures.

Problem: Seaside Flow (continuations) are not currently supported.
Workaround: Change code that looks like this:
Code: Select all
answer := self call: MySubComponent new.
self doSomethingWithThe: answer.

to code that looks like this:
Code: Select all
    show: MySubComponent new
    onAnswer: [ :answer | self doSomethingWithThe: answer ].

Fixes and Enhancements

This build contains the following fixes and enhancements compared to V8.0.1 (items in bold are new since B136):

Case Title
------- --------------------------------------------------------
37854 EsString>>#subStrings: needs to be made ANSI-compliant
43469 Add support for method pragmas (needed by Pier)
43741 Missing method in AbtRunReportApp class>>#initializeApplicationExceptions
43745 WkHierarchicalListBox loses icons
43776 StsWorkspaceInspector #saveChanges method causes problems
43877 Reorganize pool dictionaries in PlatformFramework for Unicode support
44138 Update SUnit to V3.3 - Just in Time Resources
44148 Organizer status line shows multiline revision note on UNIX
44197 JrcOrder XML mapping example fails on Unix and Windows 7
44258 Grease Core and Grease Core Tests maps shipped with V8.0.1 are obsolete
44339 Windows executables digitally signed for Authenticode (R)
44353 AbtIbmStaticTimestampField>>#put:intoRecord:parentOffset: - No implementors of #ibmIsoTimestampStringFrom:
44394 Doc Feedback: Parsing XML documents redirect to tools
44395 Doc Feedback: Parser resource resolution for XML
44432 Change primitive number references to EmSystemPrimitives references
44459 VisualInspecting extends ArrayedCollection with a bogus #at:ifAbsent: method causing walkbacks in other apps
44477 MedCheckpointing and MedZipUp use wrong protocol to add itself to the config map browser
44534 Incorrect behavior when deleting a method in the StsTabbedApplicationsBrowserWin Browser
44564 Refactor GreaseVASTPreloadApp, removing unused methods (**on-going**)
44631 Move the LimitedWriteStream class and its invokers from GreaseVASTPreloadApp to CLDT
44646 SequenceableCollection>>#keysAndValuesDo: implementation is missing (ANSI)
44677 Collection>>#noneSatisfy: should be added to complement allSatisfy: and anySatisfy: (needed by Seaside)
44738 Complete SequenceableCollection>>indexOfSubCollection:... protocol (needed by Seaside
44788 Improve usability of Stream protocol by adding #print: method (needed by Seaside)
44817 Enhance streaming protocol with SequentialCollection>>streamContents: convenience method (needed by Seaside)
44875 Update Seaside to 3.0b1 level (**on-going**)
44959 Refactor Seaside random number support based on the availability of Grease portability layer
44963 Refactor low-level instance variable accessors (needed by Seaside)
45108 Add various instance processing methods to Behavior (needed by Seaside)
45146 Add ReadStream>>skipSeparators and ReadWriteStream>>skipSeparators to CLDT (needed by Seaside)
45148 Packaging rule failed
45163 Resolve conflicting implementations of Behavior>>includesBehavior: in MagritteVASTPreload and RBEnvironmentsVAApp
45279 Show Workspace' Toolbar Button Missing for the Native Toolbar on Inspectors
45323 Promote SstHttpServletRequest>>getPostFieldsString from Seaside to SST for general usage
45358 Error in DateAndTime class>>date:time -- Date DNU month
45363 Web Information Center shortcut needs to be updated to 802
45387 Create VMsysprStringIsLatin1 primitive and EsString>>isLatin1 accessor
45412 SstHttpServer error page is incomplete
45415 Add the 'WindowBuilder Pro - Runtime' configuration map to the delivered product
45419 Bug Fix for AbtNlsTraFileComparer
45464 SequenceableCollection>>beginsWith: and endsWith: are non-portable
45498 WkTable example using Objects in Combobox Column
45578 Code bug in EsCompiler>>#sqaParser:
45605 'copyOnWrap' VMOptions parameter was only used on Win3.1 -- remove it
45727 Support power management events in Windows GUI apps
45841 XML Deserialization
45907 Move IdentitySet to the product base
45908 Add set theory Collection methods to the base
45949 Increase precision of Duration from milliseconds to microseconds
45953 Promote Duration extensions from GreaseVASTCoreApp to CLDT

Obtaining the build

You can access the development build (for Windows and Linux) from the B140 Download Site.

Reporting problems

You can report problems with a development build by posting to this forum or by sending email to vast-support@instantiations.com. In either case, please include the build number [B140] in the title of your post/email to help us coordinate a response.
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