WkImageToggleButton - Events and text gone

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WkImageToggleButton - Events and text gone

Postby marten » Fri Jul 24, 2009 5:55 am

I use an instance of this widget in one of my windows. The window has been designed and created using the WBPro tool.

My normal work is like:

I start with a new image and load the application using a configuration map, the WidgetKit/Controls runtime application has also been loaded by this step.
Then I do some testing ....
Then I decided to do further development and load WBPro development and runtime.
Then I change this window and let WBPro create new source code ...

Then I edit the window again and text and events of the widget mentioned above are gone !!!! I think, that this is simply due to the fact, that "edit"-parts of WidgetKit/Controls are not loaded when it created the new source code. But this is not nice.
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