"Looking for fulltime Smalltalk programmer at Psyche Systems

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"Looking for fulltime Smalltalk programmer at Psyche Systems

Postby bobmsage » Thu May 28, 2009 10:08 am

Hello, fellow Smalltalk programmers,

Our company uses several languages. One of them is Visual Smalltalk (yes, really!). Our VSE application is called WindoPath. It automates anatomic pathology laboratories and is, you'll be glad to know, the #1 rated AP system in the country.

We are converting it to VB.net. But that process will not be completed for several years. Meanwhile, we continue to develop and, of course, support it.

We'd love to find someone who knows Smalltalk (any brand) to work on the development, support and conversion of WindoPath.

I know there are tons of good ST programmers on this forum. We'd much prefer to have someone who can work in our offices in Milford, MA (30 minutes west of Boston on route 495). So that does narrow it down.

Please see http://www.psychesystems.com for information about us. Besides the quality of our products, the most compelling aspect of Psyche is that we have no managers...at all.

Works for us.

Please send your info to:

Thanks in advance!

Bob Sage
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