OSShell>defaultFont change

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OSShell>defaultFont change

Postby PhotonDemon » Mon Apr 27, 2009 7:50 am

Hi All,

I'm upgrading from VAST 5.5.2 to the new VA Smalltalk V8. I have a few changes to 5.5.2 that I would like to drop if I can find a better way to do it. I have changed OSShell>defaultFont to look like:

"Private - Answer the default font for the receiver."
"Test for DialogFrame instead of Dialog, so windows with parents don't use small fonts."
"Changed by LL of KSC."

" self isDialog ifTrue: [^DialogFont]."
self isDialogFrame ifTrue: [^DialogFont].

I have a lot of windows that by the isDialog test (that looks for a parent) look like a dialog and therefore get the DialogFont and its smaller size. Is there a better way to do this without changing this base Smalltalk code?

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