VA8 Beta 1 running as Windows service

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VA8 Beta 1 running as Windows service

Postby benvandijk » Thu Mar 12, 2009 3:06 am

Hi guys,

I just managed to build a runtime icx and get it to run as a windows service.
Of course i had to make some minor code changes to make this happen.

I want to share my experiences with you and maybe get some back too.

SeasidePlatformSupport class
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   "Initialize identified classes at startup."
   StartUpList ifNotNil: [:list | list do: [:ea | (ea isClass) ifTrue: [ea startUp]]]

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   "Uninitialize identified classes at shutdown."
   ShutDownList ifNotNil: [:list | list do: [:ea | (ea isClass ) ifTrue: [ea shutDown]]]

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   | application |
   super initialize.
   stream := SeasidePlatformSupport readWriteStream.
   status := 200.
   application := [ self application ]
      on: WARequestContextNotFound
      do: [ :error | error exitWith: nil ].
   contentType := application isNil
      ifFalse: [ application contentType ]
      ifTrue: [ self class defaultValueForContentType ]

SstHttpSeasideSupport class
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   ^self classes

SstSeasideController class
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   "Start a Seaside server using the default parameters."
" auto startup removed to my own startup class, packaging with a running seaside server will result in walkbacks in the runtiem image "

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" do nothing is oke "

This last one is only needed when you use message logging with the seaside server.

Greetings, Ben
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