SDF due to nil key week dictionary during finalization

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SDF due to nil key week dictionary during finalization

Postby DArnold » Mon Feb 23, 2009 11:42 am

Good afternoon,
We have a headless server application running VAST 7.5.2 on Windows which generated an SDF due to "UndefinedObject does not understand object"
resulting from the first statement in the method below.
This application was recently upgraded from VAST 6.02. I have attached a copy of the stack.
Is this a known problem with 7.5.2 or can you help determine the cause?


| object |
object := data first object.
"If the object we are dealing with is in the system space then don't bother to do anything
as it is implicitly exported"
object space = (SstRmiUniqueIdentifier count: 0) ifTrue: [^self].
self clean: (Array with: data first object) in: data first space
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Re: SDF due to nil key week dictionary during finalization

Postby Diane Engles » Tue Feb 24, 2009 11:41 am


The problem you reported is not a known 7.5.2 problem. I have opened case #39286 to track it.

Could you please send an email to with the case number in the subject line and include a more complete context. Is the problem easily repeatable?


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