Problem with fixed space

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Problem with fixed space

Postby Daniel Pfander » Mon Feb 16, 2009 8:30 am

We are running a VAST 7.5.2 application monitoring about 200 services.
Monitoring is done by retreiving status data using an RMI request.

The problem:
After a certain time, we get error messages saying: Primitive failed in: OSPtr class>>#privateCalloc:reftype: due to Not enough memory.
This happens, when one or more of the monitored services does not answer, i.e we get:
SstEndpointUnreachableError((NetworkAddress < - Port 18004 Family 2> ECONNREFUSED (10061): Connection refused)

We seem to run out of fixed space.

What we found out:
There is one single memory segment reporting some free space. The free space is decreasing while we can see an increasing number of instances of DirectedMessage and AcoFutureStub. Te receivers of the DirectedMessages are the AcoFutureStubs.

It seems, there is some cleanup missing.
What can we do? Is there a known bug?

Other questions:
How to find out the actual fixedSpaceSize?
What is an appropriate value for fixedSpaceSize

Thanks for any hints
Daniel Pfander
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Re: Problem with fixed space

Postby wembley » Wed Feb 18, 2009 12:59 pm

Daniel -

I've opened case 39189 for this problem. Watch your email.
John O'Keefe [|], Principal Smalltalk Architect, Instantiations Inc.
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Re: Problem with fixed space

Postby a3aan » Thu Feb 19, 2009 8:44 am


We see similar behaviour. Please keep us (or the forum) posted too.


wembley wrote:Daniel -

I've opened case 39189 for this problem. Watch your email.
Adriaan van Os
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Re: Problem with fixed space

Postby vincid » Wed Mar 11, 2009 1:03 am

Hi John,

Daniel and I have managed to reproduce the bug without our server environment. The Pong Example from your SstExamples suffices.
For reproduction:
1) Start VAST 7.5.2 with the empty ibmst.icx.
2) Load SstExamples with its prerequisites
3) Execute the following:

| contextName invocation context reference url host port scheme|
host := ''.
port := '1099'.
contextName := 'Client:PingPongFactory:', host, ':', port.
url := ('rmi://%1:%2/%3' bindWith: host with: port with: 'pingPongFactory') sstAsUrl.
scheme := 'moPsPatchServerRmi'.


[ 1 to: 2000 do: [ :i |
Transcript cr; show: 'Loop '; show: i printString; space.

SstUrl register: scheme as: SstRmiUrl.
invocation := SstInvocationConfiguration rmiConfiguration.
invocation marshaler stubProtocolVersion: SstRmiConstants::SstRmiStubVersion2.
SstInvocationHandler register: invocation asScheme: scheme.

context := SstApplicationContext contextNamed: contextName ifNone: [ SstApplicationContext createRmiContextNamed: contextName ].

context isStarted ifTrue: [ context shutDown ].

(context rmiStartUpWith: SstRmiTypingRepository newWithBaseClasses) isSstError ifFalse: [
[reference := context rmiNaming lookup: url] when: ExError do: [:problem | ^problem]].
context clear].
] fork

Hope this helps!

Regards, Vinci
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