Seaside #updateRoot: from development env.

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Seaside #updateRoot: from development env.

Postby PhotonDemon » Fri Dec 12, 2008 11:31 am


I am playing with a pull down menu. When I use the #style method to supply the stylesheet, all works well. When I try to use #updateRoot: to point to a CSS file, a reasonable looking link is placed in the head section but the CSS file isn't loaded by the web browser. I assume I need to do something with SST so it will server up the CSS file but I'm not sure what? Can someone give me a hint as to where to put the CSS file or how to tell SST where to fine it and that it is okay to send it?

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Re: Seaside #updateRoot: from development env.

Postby klaus » Tue Feb 03, 2009 3:40 am

Hi Lou,

we solved this in our project with a own class subclassing #WAFileLibrary. In this class we implemented methods to load pictures and css-files from disc. The contents of the pictures (jpgs, bitmaps..) has to be converted into a ByteArray.
The #updateRoot: method in our WAComponent classes look then for css-files like this:
Code: Select all
updateRoot: anHtmlRoot
   super updateRoot: anHtmlRoot.
   anHtmlRoot stylesheet url: OurOwnCpcWAFileLibrary / #ourfileCss
#ourfileCss is a symbol is derived from the original filename ourfile.css

Loading pictures:
Code: Select all
renderContentOn: html

    html div
   id: 'banner';
   class: 'banner';
   with: [
       html image
      altText: 'This is a banner';
      url:  'http://localhost:8788/seaside/files/OurOwnWAFileLibrary/banner.jpg']
Therefore in class #OurOwnWAFileLibrary we implemented he method #bannerJpg to return the contents of the file banner.jpg.

This prevents us to store pictures and css files into our source code. But if we make a change to one of these files, we have to clear the browser caches of Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. Any ideas to delete this caches from Seaside?


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