Problems with update Lotus Notes 5 to 8.5 ?

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Problems with update Lotus Notes 5 to 8.5 ?

Postby McAllister » Thu Dec 04, 2008 3:03 am


we are using VA Smalltalk 7.5 and the included Domino Connection (AbtNotesBaseApp V 5.5) to connect our software with Lotus Notes 5 Clients.

Next year the Clients will be updated to Lotus Notes 8.5.

Now i search for informations, what implications will follow for our software. Does the Domino Connection Interface work with Notes 8?

At the VA Smalltalk documentation about Domino Connection i just found this: "You will need one of the following Lotus products installed on you development and runtime systems: [...] a certified Lotus Notes Release 4.5 (or later) client or server".

Are there any experiences about the Connection to Notes 8?

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