Possible Bug in #differencesWith:includeSubApplications:

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Possible Bug in #differencesWith:includeSubApplications:

Postby rjs » Thu Nov 27, 2008 7:44 am

SubApplication class>>#differencesWith:includeSubApplications: (1997/07/25 15:26:24) seems to have a bug in handling sup-applications in the "other" edition that aren't in the base edition.

Specifically, using "otherSub" in the following code re-uses the last common sub-application name instead of the name of the other, uncommon name.
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   "For each subApplication in other that does not exist in the receiver, use an empty
   shadow to record the entire subApplication as different."

   otherSubApps do: [:sub |
      shadowSub := SubApplication shadowClass
         named: otherSub symbol
         timeStampWithVersionInfo: EmTimeStamp undefined.
         at: sub
         put: (Association key: shadowSub value: (shadowSub differencesWith: sub))].
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Re: Possible Bug in #differencesWith:includeSubApplications:

Postby wembley » Fri Nov 28, 2008 9:15 am

Yes, it appears that 'otherSub' should be 'sub' in the code snippet. I have opened defect 38170 for this problem -- fixed in V8,0.0.
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