Logic behind Object>>featuresAffectedByAction: ?

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Logic behind Object>>featuresAffectedByAction: ?

Postby marten » Tue Jul 08, 2008 10:48 am

I do not understand the logic behind this method.

When one executes an "action" (of a part) the method Object>>abtSignalActionEvents: actionName is called. This method queries, which features are affected by the executed action by asking "featuresAffectedByAction:". Per default it returns #self and this means, that abtSignalFeature: featureName is executed and causes ALL defined events to fire ????

As an example: the method "action" is defined as an action within a part.

(Delay forMilliseconds: millisecondsToWait) wait.
CwAppContext syncExecInUI: [ self signalEvent: #fire: with: millisecondsToWait ].
] forkAt: Processor userSchedulingPriority

Executing this method fires the event #fire two times:

* one at once after the action method has been executed with a parameter nil
* after millisecondsToRun with a parameter value of millisecondsToRun

I know this can not be changed - due to history, but one should add this to the product documentation !
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