SstWebServices -generate classes from wsdl file?

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SstWebServices -generate classes from wsdl file?

Postby McAllister » Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:51 pm

after my first questions about Web Services ( >Klick< ), i have some more questions.

I have read the Smalltalk Web Service Guide and it was very useful and informative. There is described how to generate the WebService files (wsdl, inferface.wsdl, xml) from the interface class. Furthermore i found the explanation how to customize these files and how to deploy these files in a WebService-Container.

But now i search some informations for the opposite direction. This means, i have a wsdl file, that defines a webservice. These file was delivered to me from "the other" side (Java). Now i need to build a WebService based on the wsdl-file, where our smalltalk-side should act as server.
I can deploy the wsdl file in a container as described at the Web Service Guide (Invoking a third party service). Thats no problem. But now i can't find a way to generate one or more interface classes in Smalltalk.
The Guide only described the way "Smalltalk interface class" -> "generate files" -> "deploy at container".
I need "wsdl-file" -> "deploy at container" -> "generate interface class" or something like this...

My questions are:
1. Is that way generally possible?
2. Is there a way to generate classes from the wsdl-files?
3. Or is it the only way to create classes myself (using informations from the wsdl), than generate our wsdl and xml files and hope that these are approximately the same like the wsdl file i got from the client-side?

Just one last comment:
I know, that normally the server-side should define the WebService Interface respectively the wsdl and xml files. I have for various reasons the situation that the client side has delivered the Interface description in these wsdl file. Now i need to make the best of this.

Thank you in advance,

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Re: SstWebServices -generate classes from wsdl file?

Postby tc » Thu Jun 12, 2008 5:50 am


The goodie tool will help you generate what you need but it goes beyond the WSDL file. WSDL files usually import schema files which represent data types. The goodie tool will also generate the ST classes and mapping files needed to map XML types to ST objects.

The situation you are trying to get to is have all the ST classes generated/created all the way down to the method stubs which represent what is callable by users of the service.

Once you have the method stubs, you can fill in the code. For example, to check stock, the WSDL file may have a publicly defined function called 'inStock' and a SKU number is passed in.

The previous web service may have checked this by sending the request to a supplier but your implementation may require checking a DB.

You may also find useful. You can read in the WSDL file and look at the data and functions defined.

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Re: SstWebServices -generate classes from wsdl file?

Postby Diane Engles » Thu Jun 12, 2008 10:23 am

Be sure to download the goodie -- XML Basic Tools -- from the Community section as it is the latest version which has been extended to process WSDL files. It has a "New" icon besides it on the web page:

An example WSDL file is included.
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