dynmamic change of memory parameters -ml -mn -mö

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dynmamic change of memory parameters -ml -mn -mö

Postby wobotzen » Tue Feb 26, 2008 5:43 am

has anyone changed the commandline parameters mn ml mo dynamically ?
we have the requirement to save time for operations with many objects (needing a large newspace)
but also the requirement at another use case to have the garbage collect time short (needing smaller mn no).
it is no problem to increase the mn mo .. with EsGlobalInfo but to decrease seems diffcult.
memorysegment which are bigger than the new limit are not changed be the garbagecollector.
and even an #invalidate or #delete on memorysegments being 100% free does not remove this segment from the image.
any ideas?
wolfgang botzenhardt
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