Product license needed to run packaged runtime image?

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Product license needed to run packaged runtime image?

Postby schepurny » Tue Feb 19, 2008 6:22 am

We have a license for VA Smalltalk 7.5. We are currently doing an upgrade from 6.0.2. The problem is that when deploying our VA Smalltalk 7.5 packaged runtime images we were getting a nag message about requiring a license. We copied the license file into the directory of our runtime image which fixed the problem. We use VA Smalltalk for internal applications only so this is mostly just an annoyance for us. We're wondering if we just need to change a setting or something like that.

Is this supposed to be the correct behavior? For 6.0.2 I don't believe that we needed the license to run all packaged runtime images.

It seems that if this were the expected behavior and someone was developing a commercial product, that it not make sense to be including a license file with the distributed product. Especially since other developers could potentially "steal" a copy of the license.
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Re: Product license needed to run packaged runtime image?

Postby marten » Tue Feb 19, 2008 6:32 am

You always have to include the license file with your application - this was the behaviour with all VA application (at least with 6.0x) and yes you could "steal" the license - but honestly: in this small community this does not make very much sense ...
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