VOSS changed Continuation Transaction behavior

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VOSS changed Continuation Transaction behavior

Postby John Clapperton » Thu Feb 07, 2008 9:55 am

VOSS (beta) is now available for download (http://voss.logicarts.com/downloads/)

This release has changed commit behaviour of sub-transactions within a Continuation Transaction, such that if such a sub-transaction has a non-nil #dateAndTimeToRead (i.e. it sees only read-only historical versions of objects) then, if it is committed, it commits all the objects then locked in its parent Continuation Transaction (including itself), whether changed or not, as at their respective states at that #dateAndTimeToRead, as changes to their current (most recent, read/write) versions. (In the previous release (beta .08) only those objects which the sub-transaction had changed were committed.)

This new behaviour is more intuitively correct and useful, since it commits (”pastes forward”) the sub-transaction’s complete historical view, which could be, for example, an earlier product design configuration etc, with changes, as a new timestamped view. The previously current versions of those objects, now overwritten, still exist in their read-only historical states timestamped at their respective previous commits.

Because a transaction’s #dateAndTimeToRead may be any value, not just some actual commit timestamp, that now-overwritten world view is still there to see as at the appropriate timestamp, and could, if desired, be re-established as current simply by committing that historical view forwards with no changes but a new commit timestamp.
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