from "packeting container" to "table widget"

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from "packeting container" to "table widget"

Postby FredF » Wed Feb 06, 2008 5:06 am

Looking at 7.5.2, I see a possible enhancement to all our 6.0 applications:
they mainly consist of a main window with selection fields, a find button to retrieve database records according to the selection fields, a packeting container displaying the retrieved records (often 2, in a parent/child relationship), and several buttons allowing actions on the selected item in the container(s).

After some exploration of 7.5.2, I think that replacing all packeting containers with table widgets + a split bar between parent/child containers will add:
- sortable columns
- autosize columns
- resizable space between parent/child containers
- ... ?

without changing any method. (we only use attributes items / selectedItem and selectedIndexes from packeting container, and not the "packeting" feature, and event defaultActionRequested and selectedItemChanged).
Any experience with that ?

And what about changing the default quick form on MRQ result table in table widget in place of packeting container ?

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