DB Connection?

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DB Connection?

Postby cenk1536 » Thu Nov 01, 2007 4:27 am


the script below is enough to connect to db which is defined in ODBC settings:


|kullanici sifre dateTime date aLogonSpec aConnSpec aBlock |

(AbtDbmSystem activeDatabaseConnectionWithAlias: 'HASTANE') isNil
ifFalse: [
(AbtDbmSystem activeDatabaseConnectionWithAlias: 'HASTANE') disconnect

"aLogonSpec:=AbtDatabaseLogonSpec id: 'db2admin' password: 'hy36063' server: 'HASTANE' alias: 'HASTANE'."
aLogonSpec:=AbtDatabaseLogonSpec id: 'db2admin' password: 'db2admin' server: 'YES' alias: 'YES'.
aConnSpec := AbtDatabaseConnectionSpec new
dbmClass: AbtIbmCliDatabaseManager;
dsn: 'YES';
promptEnabled: false.
aBlock := Object abtDefaultDatabaseErrorBlock.
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