Upgrading libary manager to 7.5?

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Upgrading libary manager to 7.5?

Postby bpieber » Sat Sep 01, 2007 3:35 am

I have installed the 7.5 library manager on a Windows Server 2003 where the 7.0 library manager was already installed. This resulted in a second installation of the library manager instead of an update of the existing one.

I wonder what is the best way to proceed. Move everything over to the new emsrv or keep multiple emsrvs running? I assume the 7.5 library manager can also server older clients. Is that correct?
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Postby bpieber » Sun Sep 02, 2007 3:12 am

In the meantime I have found out that if I install the new emsrv as a Windows service it asks if I want to remove the old one. So it seems it is no option to have both emsrv services running.

I compared the old and the new library manager directories and saw that there are some changed DLLs in the new one. The emsrv.exe itself is the same, though. I installed the new library manager and tried if I can access the old library (mgr70.dat) from an old client. It seems to work without problems. I assume this is the right way to go. Is that correct?

I copied all the library files from the old manager directory to the new one and uninstalled the old library manager. For uninstalling I used Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs as recommended in the Installation Guide. However, later I realized there is an uninst.exe. However, I did not find anything about it in the documentation. Is uninst.exe called from Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs or could it be used instead?

If I have understood it correctly, if I install 7.5.2 an existing 7.5.0 or 7.5.1 installation will be updated. 7.0.x installations on the other hand will not be changed. Is that correct?

Sorry about my many questions, but I try to gain a better understanding of how this all is intended to work.

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Postby wembley » Tue Sep 04, 2007 5:08 am

Bernhard -

Answers to your questions ....

1) Most of the EXE and DLL files get rebuilt each time we make a new shipment of the product (whether they need to be or not -- it is done as a part of the automated VM-build process). The exceptions include the emsrv.exe, the messgae DLL (emsrvmsg.dll), and the library access DLLs (emntv50.dll and emsrv50.dll) -- these are built in a separate way and have not been rebuilt since May 2002.

2) There is no reason I can think of to have 2 copies of emsrv.exe running. One copy can support the largest number of concurrent users I have ever seen (over 200).

3) uninst.exe is called from the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs to do the actual work of uninstalling, so you did the right thing.

4) Each release of VA Smalltalk (7.0, 7.5, etc.) is independent of other releases. This means that you can have 7.0 and 7.5 running side-by-side on the same machine with no problem. It also means that the 7.5 manager install will not update a 7.0 manager (in part because they have different names and in part because the install process is quite careful not to installl a new manager over an old manager). For point releases (7.0.1, 7.5.1, etc.) the installs are NOT independent if an earlier install of the same release is found on the machine (based on registry entries). Point release installs will update the existing installed code and will merge the new manager into the old manager). You can still run point releases side-by-side since the directories that must be different have the release number as part of their name. However, some things (like the shortcuts and the contents of directories not having the release number as part of their name) do get replaced on each install.

If this is still unclear, let me know.
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